Monthly Challenges

Monthly Challenges are designed to give you small, achievable goals to get you moving, both on and off the bike.

September - Keep the Summer Vacation Alive

Velo Vacation

Get ready for an endless summer with the September Wahoo X Challenge! We're taking you on a Velo Vacation, cruising through scenic routes from Australia to the Mediterranean Coast with our awesome Wahooligan tour guides. Picture this: four fresh destinations matched up with four epic On Location workouts.

Tasmania: Richmond

1h 06m

Catalunya: Costa Brava


Galicia: Corcubon to Finestre


Med. Coast - Route des Cretes


Training Plan available

We also created a training plan for you this month with all workouts on Mondays for the weeks of September.

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New Feature

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Complete 4DP® Structured workouts from Wahoo SYSTM in Wahoo RGT. Workout where you want - now you can scroll through the entire library of structured cycling workouts from Wahoo SYSTM and ride them in the virtual worlds of RGT.

Completing 4DP® workouts in RGT does not count towards badge completion in SYSTM at this time.

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